Worlds first deflationary token Exchange is coming

Airdrop is live and running!


We at the Deflationary Token Organisation, strongly believe that the deflationary system is the new standard for all crypto tokens and it is the answer to the biggest problem of all currencies – Inflation.
There are curently over 20 deflationary tokens and the numbers areĀ  getting bigger with each day.
This is why we have founded DTO and created a powerfull deflationary token with the same name.
We will support the evolution of the deflationary system and search for ways to implement it everywhere a value needs to be stored.
Our first move is to develop a very powerful exchange that will be specialised to support and sustain such deflationary crypto tokens.

Deflationary Token - DTO

  • Token Identifier: DTO
  • Total Supply: 9.800.000 DTO
  • Token Type: Deflationary, ERC-20
  • Burning Rate: 1% per Transaction
  • Decimals: 0 Decimals
  • Contract Address: click here

World's first deflationary token specialized Exchange

Once on the map, our DTO will fund the developement of a very easy to use, yet powerfull trading platform where all deflationary tokens will be housed. Our exchange will give power to such projects, solving the struggle they go through in the beginning to get listed.
Having that out of the way, the projects can concentrate on further developement of their tokens and managing their communities.

Our DTO Token will give great advantages to all deflationary projects and traders.
For example, DTO owners will pay very low fees and even no fees in some cases like bounties and events.

Our Launchpad will bootstrap deflationary projects and list their tokens that can be bought also with DTO tokens.

The future is near.

Compatibility and further details

Our Exchange will be compatible with all Desktop units, Laptops or mobile devices like tablets or phones.

  • Compatible with all iOS devices
  • Compatible with all Android devices
  • Very Fas APIs and CEX transaction proccessors
  • Burning Rate: can be set by developer team
  • Decimals: Up to 10 Decimals inside our tradin platform
  • Very safe through military grade security measures
  • Up to 1 BTC per day without KYC


04/2019 The idea of DTO

After the launch of the very first social experiment to test the deflationary system on crypto tokens, the need for a specialized Exchange was imminent

05/2019 The team got together

Only the best where selcted to join our Deflationary Token Organisation. We have 10 people at DTO and we all share the same beliefs. Deflationary tokens are the next standart for crypto tokens.

06/2019 Smart contract was deployed on Testnet

Testing was done and possible flaws where eliminated. We have found that the perfect ballance between total supply and burn rate would be at around 10.000.000 DTO and we have decided to go with 1% burn per transaction and 0 decimals.

07/2019 DTO goes online

We started our Airdrop campaign giving as much as 3.000.000 DTO tokens for FREE! The Airdrop campaign will end immediately once all allocated tokens are taken and we will start distributing.

08/2019 first DTO listing on a DEX

Although centralised exchanges are more wanted, we will start listing our DTO token on a decentralised exchange to make sure that token owners will always have a nice place to burn some tokens. For fun and for value!

09/2019 first DTO listing on one or more CEX

We will continue to list our token and increase our tradeablity on centralised exchanges.

12/2019 Community and price milestones for X-Mas

As a Christmas gift we plan to reach a community with over 10.000 members and give a lot of bounties for tasks and challenges.


More listings on exchanges and start working with other projects to plan the best way to design the trading platform.


We will start developement of our exchange and continue to work with different projects and known traders for best user experience.


Beta version will be available with over 20 pairs to trade with. That would be a great Christmas gift for all crypto community!


Fully functional Trading platform with a specialized Deflationary token launchpad for all projects to use.