Frequently asked question

What is DTO?

DTO is a deflationary token, a new currency available to anyone in the world that is fully decentralized without any central authorities and gouverned by everyone. The network is secured through mathematics and empowers individuals to control their own finance. Featuring improved storage efficiency, smarter blockchain and substantial industry support, trade volume and liquidity, the Ethereum network makes the perfect blockchain for DTO. This is why we chose the ERC20 standard.

What is a deflationary token?

A deflationary token is a token that grows in value through dimminuating its total supply with every transfer made from one wallet to another. 
Since the beginning, all cryptocurrencies inherited the same problems as traditional currencies, the inflation, caused by minting new ones.

Why are deflationary tokens so important?

Through mining or minting of new tokens the inflation problem only grows worse and their value drops.
Reducing the number of existing tokens through deflation and usage (buy/sell) increases the value of the remaining ones.
Deflationary tokens are the solution to inflation, by increasing scarcity in the cryptocurrency world.
They have a burn rate, meaning that with every transfer, a fixed percent of the amount transfered will be destroyed forever.
In our case, if you transfer 100 DTO from your wallet to another, the receiver will get 99 DTO. 1 DTO will be burned and also be substracted from the total DTO supply of 9.8 millions.

Why DTO token?

DTO token will be the first native exchange token that will facilitate the development of this new type of crypto projects.
We at Deflationary Token Organisation are working on a very powerful centralised exchange where all deflationary tokens can be traded in the future. That is our goal.

But why? There are so many exchanges out there..

We have a vision. All crypto tokens should be deflationary! It is the next token standard and we are here to support its growth. Our Exchange will be special.
On this exchange, all coins and tokens canbe traded in the future but deflationary tokens will profit from a lot of andvantages.

As more and more such deflationary tokens appear it is confirmed that this is what Crypto world was waiting for.

Deflationary token? DTO?

The Deflationary Token will be a native Exchange token that will help users to participate in IEOs on our Deflationary Tokens Launchpad.
Also DTO hodlers and traders will benefit from very small trading fees or even zero fees.Buy, trade or hodl.. is up to you!

Can I have all the details on the DTO token?

of course:

DTO ERC20 token
Total supply: 9.800.000 DTO
Burn rate: 1%
Decimals: 0
Distribution: Airdrop; Bounties; Public sale
Airdrop: 3.000.000 DTO
Bounties: 1.000.000 DTO
Private sale: 3.000.000 DTO
Team and reserve: 800.000 DTO
Marketing and listings: 2.000.000 DTO

no new DTO tokens will ever be minted.
The smart contract can be seen on Etherscan:

Who will buy your token?

Visionary people like us. Investors that share our believes. If we all understand the importance of the deflationary token in the crypto world, our future will be brighter. Every DTO holder will benefit from our succes by paying very low to no fees on our exchange. FOR EVER!

Where can I buy some DTO tokens?

DTO tokens will be listed on known exchanges, so you can trade there.
There will be no public sale!

Can I have more details about your team?

Deflationary Token Organisation was created by a very dynamic team of experts in the field of blockchain technologies and for the moment we chose to stay anonymous. We chose to let our actions talk for us and not our names, some of us well known. When the time is right we will let you know who we are. Isnt’t that exciting?

I really love your project. Where do I join?

Thank you! Please join our Telegram group and be part of our very fast growing community. There you can also receive more information on our bounties and challenges.